Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dental application timeline (junior year to acceptance)

Good morning! My breakfast today is a yogurt pancake with a side of oranges and chocolate. Let’s get started with the dental school application timeline.

Although my undergraduate institution only had a few pre-dental students, we had Dr. McD, the most amazing advisor to walk the humble roads of this planet. I adapted my timeline from the Predental Timeline at American Student Dental Association and our pre-health advising guide. This timeline is for those applying the summer between junior and senior year.  If you are taking a gap year like I did, add a year.

Junior year is really the toughest. If everything goes as planned, you will be done with most of the application process by the start of senior year.

Junior Year Fall
-Inform Letter of Reference writers about intent
-Find a dentist to shadow and establish a weekly schedule (Aim for 20+ hours)
-Study for and take the DAT during winter break (This gives you time to take it again if needed)
-Think about where to apply
-Write your personal statement

Junior Year Spring
-Submit necessary information to the health advising office
-Drop off a personal files folder to your Letter of Reference writers
-Continue shadowing your dentist
-Finalize your dental school list
-Make final polishes on your personal statement

The Summer
-Apply through AADSAS (ASAP when it opens early June)
-Study for the DAT and take again if needed (you can apply through AADSAS without a DAT score)
-Send in supplemental applications
-Check pre-requisites to take senior year as needed

Senior Year
-Check application status
-Wow them at interviews
-Hear back from schools on December 1st

Whew! Then hopefully you can look forward to starting dental school in the fall. Until then, you have the entire summer to celebrate and relax.


  1. Hii! Your blog is honestly so informative and I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it!

    I had a question about the DAT and applying thru the AADSAS....
    Say if I take the DAT at the end of the summer btw my junior and senior year, can I still apply (with all my information) to AADSAS without my DAT score?

    Thank you!

    1. You need to enter your DAT ID number into AADSAS. If you take it in the summer, your file will probably be on hold at the schools- earlier the better!

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