Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New chapter, new blog

Hi, welcome to my blog, D is for Dentist.

I'm Yesle. I've been in Houston for the last five years and loving it: Buc-ee's, cheap and colorful restaurants, the sunny weather, Rice University. This fall, I will be moving to Philadelphia to work on my DMD degree at University of Pennsylvania.

For those who've never been down to this vibrant city, this is Houston in the Texas map mural by Austintacious Artists. You can go to 23rd and Guadalupe in Austin to see it in person if you'd like (then stop by H-town).


I blogged for a few years about sciences/Houston/ inspirations at my potpourri blog Bigger than Yesle. With this new chapter in my life, I wanted to shift gears. Start a new blog. Keep writing. Because being a college student feels like a lifetime ago. This is from my college graduation (only three quarters of our family-pie) where David Brooks from the New York Times bestowed his wisdom upon us new graduates.


So here it is. I'll be writing a couple of posts a week about being a dental student in Philadelphia. Expect posts about dental admissions and dentistry news as well. If you have specific stories you'd like to see here, please contact me at

Hello and welcome.