Friday, March 23, 2012

Top ten dental schools

Happy Friday, everyone! Whew. Let's talk dental school rankings.

What is the best dental school in the nation?
What are the top ten dental schools?
Is Dental School X better than Dental School?
What is the ranking of this dental school?

In case you are curious, there are dental school rankings. From more than a decade ago. For the 1997 U.S. News and World Report, American Association of Dental Schools refused to send out the peer surveys, claiming the assessments were "flawed". Dental schools were rated on reputation alone through assessment by peer schools. Both lists are from My Kidz Dentist.

Here are the 1997 rankings:
  1. San Antonio
  2. North Carolina
  3. Iowa
  4. Michigan
  5. Washington
  6. Buffalo
  7. Alabama
  8. UCSF
  9. Indiana
  10. Maryland
  11. Minnesota
  12. UCLA
The dental schools were also ranked in 1992 by the Gourman Report:
  1. Harvard
  2. UCSF
  3. Michigan
  4. Columbia
  5. UPenn
  6. UCLA
  7. Ohio State
  8. Tufts
  9. NYU
  10. Minnesota
There is no current official ranking of dental schools, nor do I think there should be. Each dental school is different in its strengths and weaknesses. To start off schools can have problem-based versus lecture-based learning and a focus on research or clinical education. Saying one is better than the other is like saying ketchup is better than barbecue sauce. Everyone's Happy Points for dental schools are different. There is not a best school (sauce) for everyone (every meal), but there is a school best for you. You should find it yourself instead of relying on a rankings list to tell you where to go. (What kind of food are you? What sauce would best complement your culinary highlights?)

On the other hand, if you are in search of such lists because you want to attend a "prestigious" dental school, that's your prerogative as well. But you should not clutch to the list as your reason for applying to School XYZ. If going to a name-brand school is important to you (not your friends, not your parents, not your neighbor's niece's piano teacher), you should.

Did anyone else google "top dental schools" during the application process?
Do you think prestige is important when it comes to dental schools?


  1. This is a great post! My husband just graduated this past May from University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. We both were not into the "which school is the best" thing and instead focused on location, cost, and likelihood of acceptance in deciding where to apply. I have a blog about being the wife of a Dental student and was wondering if I could list your blog on my Dental Resources page? (My blog is

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