Monday, April 2, 2012

Philadelphia climate and my first race

After running my first 5k this spring, I decided this running business isn’t too bad. My Philly host Kathy successfully convinced me that Philadelphia is perfect for running. She took me down to the running trail by Schuylkill on her injured foot. Plus, she needed a running buddy.

When I visited Philadelphia, everyone warned me about Philadelphia summers: “You can barely breathe. You will not want to do anything.” I’ve spent three summers in Houston. Last August we had an average maximum temperature of 102 degrees. And in 2011 we had 46 days soaring past 100 degrees.


In Houston summers my biggest excuse was “It’s too hot.” As in, “I got two parking tickets this morning because it’s too hot to move my car.” (On my birthday. We were moving 300 feet across campus to another dorm.)

One of the greatest Philadelphia traditions is the Philadelphia Marathon. Couple of days after I finished reading about ultrarunners in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” I saw that the registration for the Philadelphia Marathon was open. Expected temperature on race day: mid-40’s to mid-50’s. I’d be training in pleasant 60’s weather.

I signed up. Not for the marathon. For the Rothman Institute 8k.

This might have been an impulsive decision. Plus, there must be some danger in declaring something like this so publicly. If I crash and burn and don’t have the Houston heat to blame anymore, can we pretend this never happened? But I am excited to be part of Philadelphia's tradition, along with 25,000 other runners.

Has anyone else clutched to uncomfortable weather as an excuse for something?  Is anyone else training for an upcoming race? (and looking for a workout buddy?)

*I just read that Micah True, or Blanco Caballo, has passed away in Mexico-  I feel like I almost knew him from reading McDougall's book. What an inspiration.


  1. nice post and all the bets for the mini marathon


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