Thursday, May 31, 2012

All in the attitude (or the altitude)

Fact #1. People tend to get more emotional on airplanes- well, they cry more at sad movies. I wonder if it is the altitude that affects us physically or the feeling of vulnerability of being on a plane. Last time I flew to Korea I made a little cocoon in my seat and watched all the sad movies in the world. I even teared up at the ferry scene in The Dark Knight. This time I paid for my own plane tickets = economy seats. Instead, I’m sticking to documentaries and my reading list.

On my Nook I have some H.G. Wells, The Idiot (my ambitious summer read) and to balance it all out My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler. Kathryn also gave me Crazy Love.

Fact #2. I’m leaving Texas! I’ll miss the little towns, riding horses to school (just kidding), the amazing Houston food scene, the accent (all y’all). I don’t know who I’ll listen to once I’m out of this state because even Houston radio personalities speak in perfect Midwestern accents… (myself?) But as a dear friend reminded me, I wanted this: I wanted to go up North for dental school. So something to remember you by, dearest Texas:

Fact #3. I have no plans this summer. Usually I have an entire document typed up and PDF’d for breaks but not this time. I’ll admit it: I’m a little uneasy.

Fortunately my flight is only fourteen hours- not seventeen as I’ve been telling everyone. I think when I first flew into America, our flight took seven teen hours- and that was into Los Angeles (we fly over the Pacific)! The wonders of technology.

Quick “nap” before I head out to the airport. So many thoughts racing through my head (dinner crew- did you see me slow-motion trip that cup this evening?) & I need to catch up on some sleep.