Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carrying work into the summer

(Couple of thoughts before I hustle out to graduation- also just checked my grade and pulled an A- in Microbiology!)

I have been squeezing my brain out trying to figure out a way to present my data. I plugged in some data points into Excel to see if we could see a pattern. It was total crap. I made a pretty picture out of it anyway (on what occasion would you need fish as your scatterplot background?):

I have less than three weeks until I'm out. I wonder if I'll be able to complete my current project. But I have to tell you: the idea of spilling my work over into the summer is not unpleasant... because I'll have something to do! Somehow I can picture myself working studiously at a coffee shop more so than me relaxing. I think I associate relaxing with laziness. This is probably why I flinch when people tell me to "take it easy".

Three months until dental school! My cross-country move has not hit me yet. Penn admissions committee sent us a letter noting "the next winter you spend will be in Philly"- wow. Also my rowing clubhouse sent out this link about Backwards, a movie about rowing, romance, and Philadelphia. I thought, "Hm, Philadelphia. That's really far. I wonder if their rivers freeze over in the winters. Wait, is that where I am going?".

What is everyone doing this summer?
Does anyone see a pattern in the fish food above?