Friday, May 25, 2012

Celebrate accomplishments: birthday week

This weekend I had a birthday picnic at the crossing of Bellaire and train tracks. Kathryn and Naz organized everything for me, and I mean everything. I just showed up with a bucket of my favorite bagels and we sat by the playground.

I ate this lovely cheesecake tart:
2012-05-20 11.19.40
 It was nice in the shade where we laid out our blankets and had a mini feast. I now have an entire party bites in my fridge and these beautiful flowers on my coffee table.

Fortunately my birthday fell into the intersection of time when many people came back to Houston and others haven’t left yet. I also came home to find these notes from the boys taped to my door- these made my heart melt.
I just want to say how lovely my friends are. Thank you-thank you-thank you. Another birthday, another year with these wonderful people in my life.