Monday, May 28, 2012

How to enjoy moving (without being ruined)

How is my packing going? It's going. M picked up a whole bunch of boxes for me (she's been my lifesaver throughout this entire process) and giving me tons of advice that should really be common knowledge for a college graduate. Perhaps more importantly, she listens to my rants and makes sure I’m fed.

If you are packing (or dreading your upcoming move), here's one guideline that's helped me tremendously: visualize your packing progress.
Label your drawers as you empty them out. I started pulling everything out of drawers and bins so that I can see the content out in the open. Somehow visible mess is better than hidden mess. I kept re-opening drawers I'd emptied out so I stuck a post-it on the outside of the empty drawers. Now I remember which ones are empty & more importantly- can see my ongoing progress.

Second, pack anything you see. I know you're supposed to start with the big stuff, but I started with the little apartment decorations- the frames, the pictures, the postcards. This makes the apartment look more packed so that I don't plop on the bed worrying about just how much I have to pack.

Third, make a detailed checklist and cross it off one at a time. "Pack" is a scary project on your to-do list: where do I even start? "Assign toiletries into donate/dump/pack" is a better bite-size task you can complete by Monday.  It's also really satisfying to cross items off with a huge Sharpie.
This is now my packing golden rule: if you haven't used it in a year, you won't use it. Applies to books, clothes, painting supplies, cooking utensils. I think I'm successfully (and efficiently) downsizing. I think... Talk to me again when I'm moved into my Philly apartment.