Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day as a full-time employee

I've completed my last official day of work! I finally wrapped up the heap of paperwork and phone calls to close my employee file. My Rice email officially closed yesterday midnight. Much of the actual lab work has been handed over & I'm now calculating, measuring, rendering. Besides the obvious, a couple of my favorite things about this research experience:

1. Having co-workers I have never felt more grown-up than when I muttered the words, “My co-worker…” I was often the only one in the room without a PhD, but I felt more confident presenting my thoughts at meetings because I was "working" on this project: this is my job. Also, research is a much more collaborative learning process than classroom lectures- I came out of meetings with my brain on fire. Granted, most of the time it’s more like blind leading the blind.

2. Maps for daydreaming The best thing about working in the Earth Science department is that maps are everywhere. Here's our floor lobby.

3. All my work perks: free printing, free food, free coffee…
Having free printing made me a much more productive person. Maybe something about vertical reading. I often found free food in the department kitchen while wandering around for a brain stretch. Plus all the lectures and talks I was able to attend because I was still part of Rice served as a huge part of my learning experience.

The next time I need to be somewhere it'll be for dental school- I'll be living in Philadelphia! What what. Yesterday at our alumni reception, I was telling people this and hardly believing it myself.