Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer, kind of wonderful

Finally catching a breath now that I am sitting at the airport waiting to board the first leg of my trip. I checked in two bags (total of 85 pounds) and with two carry-on’s (I squeezed two laptops into my poor VB case- it is barely closing), I’m pretty sure my luggage weighs more than me.

Yesterday was an errand storm. Before handing off Kasey (in good hands too) I had a gazillion errands to run. I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night because I was stressed about packing and flights! I knew I could do it- I knew exactly what I needed to do- but that stress was constantly in the back of my head. This entire ordeal reminded me of finals: stretches of elevated stress and cortisol level.

And the copious consumption of caffeine (see what I did there?) - also reminiscent of finals. Since I was replacing sleep with caffeine, I wasn’t falling asleep at dinner but a simple math task made me realize just how brain dead I really was. I couldn’t add five numbers in my head. (I forgot to include this in my last post so here we go. Ignore 5 days. Make that zero.)

With our split check situation, my brain just shut down. I could not comprehend what was happening!!! Massive props to our waiter who had to put up with this. (For a delicious meal at a great diner, check out The Union Kitchen on Bellaire. It is the perfect neighborhood restaurant.)

At least I am here! And my summer is finally on. We’re boarding! (I'm here so early that there's another flight to Atlanta before mine.) Everyone keeps telling me that this is the last summer. Next summer I’ll have one month off and the summer after that I’ll spend studying for the boards and… whew! For now, let’s focus on enjoying one day at a time.

But first, I hope I can lift my 40-pound backpack onto the overhead bin...

How are everyone's summer plans shaping up?
When does your summer “begin”?