Monday, May 21, 2012

Ten days until I'm crossing the Pacific

It is slowly heating up in Texas! On Saturday I went to Helen's Park on Stella Link for an art lesson with Amy from Houston Art Lessons (If you are looking for something creative to do this summer, definitely check it out). She provided everything including paper and utensils- I literally just brought myself to the park and spent a sunny hour sketching yellow flowers. Then I got home and slept through an entire episode of HBO's Weight of the Nation.

I had to read a long document today and as soon as I saw that it was 21 pages, I put it on my Nook and made a picnic out of it at my new outdoor work space. This is one of the reasons I love my Nook.

There's a water fountain (background noise), shade, and some occasional dog-walkers to keep me entertained. I know it is getting hot but for this sliver of time, it is cool and nice in the shade. Sunglasses and iced lemonade optional.

Three quarters of the family pie are reunited in Seoul. I picked up an emergency call from Little Brother at the airport Saturday morning. Before I hung up, he asked "Why are you up at 3 in the morning?" Because the phone woke me up! Okay, safe flight- back to Zzzzz.

To everyone graduating or wrapping up your academic year these past few weeks, congratulations! Did you hear about the Gac Filipaj, the Columbia University graduate who earned his credits while working as a janitor?