Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boomerang generation: moving back home

Adulthood typically begins with these five steps: completing school, leaving home, starting a career, marrying, having children.

These are usually done sequentially. But maybe we need a different transition to define adulthood. Given the current state of the economy it is not uncommon for college graduates to move back home to live with their parents- with or without a job. The number is not 85% but it is still high at 29% according to the Pew Research Center. In addition, about 60% of parents continue to help their kids financially post-graduation. (Maybe this is why I love HBO's Girls, its portrayal of that awkward transition to adulthood.)

Before I flew home, I chatted with my parents about shipping everything to Philly. Over lunch friends were talking about someone who dropped more than $800 at the FedEx store- I was worried about my own dozen boxes. Umma noted that I should look at it like I’m paying my rent money to ship everything to Philly- since I’m obviously not paying rent for the summer.

Here’s the view from my parents’ apartment in Seoul. It’s early morning so still a little foggy. But you can always see mountains in the distance in Korea.

This plus the last few days make me think that maybe if Little Brother went to Penn or Temple or any other Philly school and our family lived in a little house in the suburbs, it might be worth giving up all the freedom of living alone.


I love this. Poem by Frank O’Hara.

Meals just taste better when you’re with family. And waking up early to work in the kitchen and someone comes out to say hello, mornings are a little less lonelier.

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