Friday, June 15, 2012

Fifty shades of lazy

(It sort of rhymes, right? I am awful with rhymes, probably because I’m not American.)

I am in a fitness competition with some friends. I thought this would be the perfect fitness motivation, especially since I read that losing ten pounds takes a minute off your 5k. But I recorded a grand total of one hour of exercise last week. Everyone else is kicking ass.

I am also a little scared about my 8k in November. Here’s the thing about signing up way early for races: although it is cheaper, the race is so far away that it’s hard to get motivated. I haven’t ran since mid-May! Or done any form of sweating exercise since coming here.

But I have been actively cleaning our apartment and organizing my old things. This is a real ordeal because I was bit of a hoarder in my younger days. I actually bought two of things so I’d use one and save the other... Ohmygodwhy.

My morning routine is to blast The Beach Boys’ Best of Summer album (love this) on our living room Bose system at 6:30AM. (This has been driving little brother crazy.) While going through our CD’s I found this:


We still don’t know who the owner is! I know he/she is among us but no one is coming forth claiming ownership…

Enstin just put this up on fb and I love this- from our picnic:

Hope everyone else’s summer is a bit more productive than mine. I’m getting mini-tasks completed in preparation for the fall but it is weird not having a daily routine (school or work).


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