Friday, June 8, 2012

First week in Korea- in pictures

Good morning! I’m sipping on yerba mate (which tastes wonderfully similar to Korean teas) and being a poser in my sorority shirt. It is fascinating to hear about Greek life from Little Brother- can you imagine me being in a sorority?

The evening I flew in we went to 63 Building to eat at the Pavilion Buffet. I am still in my flight clothes. We took reunion pictures in front of the most random places, like this one:1338585798225

Me loving all the adorable-ness of Korean beauty products.Snapshot_20120602

We attended the wedding of a family friend Saturday. Korean weddings are more like rituals than celebrations. The photographer was part of the ceremony- there were attendants who constantly smoothed out the bride’s veil and gown to make her picture-perfect. The groom’s family was from Taiwan which made the wedding a lot more interesting.1338732110898

We KTX-ed to visit our grandma earlier this week. This is a mini-persimmon from the tree in her garden. It’s going to grow into a delicious orange fruit in a few months. DSC_0218

2012-06-07 09.56.07DSC_0216Grandma’s house from the outside- traditional Korean roof with the individual tiles and brick walls. I love everything about this house, including the anticipatory walk leading to her house where I can see this red roof in the distance.

This is the chandelier in the living room from the ground up- I think it looks like an upside down temple with the delicate wooden tiles.DSC_0253

This is a traditional treat called Pop-gi (I hope I’m spelling that out right). It is traditionally sold in front of schools and made by melting caramelized sugar and baking soda. If you successfully cut out the stamped shape, you get another one of these free (You can also make your own at home!).IMG_0371

It is Saturday here! Actually this doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. I’m going to finish reading The Idiot (what is wrong with everyone???) and clean out the boxes in my room. I probably still have my school uniform somewhere. Also planning on raiding my parents’ closet- I found the most darling (ugly) 90’s maroon cardigan in Appa’s drawer yesterday…

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