Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get in the zone. Productivity zone.

(Super effective marketing on their part!)

I sort of enjoy finals period- maybe not the studying part. You can wear sweatshirts, throw your hair up in a bun, have dessert for dinner, wear mismatching socks… all is forgiven.

In Korea there are study rooms called 독서실, or dok-seo-sil, which literally means “reading room”. For those needing intense studying time, these are spaces with cubbies and desks you can rent. Think libraries minus the books. You can pay per day or buy longer memberships to these places.

The one in this picture is open-spaced but some have smaller separate rooms. They are usually dimly lit except for the individual stands on the desks and some have curtains for more privacy. I used to think these are like studying hotels... maybe because I used to fall asleep here.

There is a 독서실 right outside our apartment complex. It is open until 2AM! I am considering buying a cubby membership since my room is a mess, probably because it’s been used as a closet. Some people can work in crazy clutter like Al Gore here. But that kind of mess would drive me crazy (Bill Gates’ desk is a dream in that post).

I set up my minimalist work space yesterday. I'm using my piano as a makeshift desk to do my writing. When I want to play the piano I have to sit cross-legged on the bed. The piano chair is a bit uncomfortable but I’m pretty happy with this arrangement. Whoever suggested it must be genius- thanks Mom-bom! ;)

Where is your best work environment?
What would your ideal workspace look like? (Here’s mine)