Sunday, June 24, 2012

How many applications is too many?

Short answer: Anything greater than the total number of dental schools in the U.S.

I don’t think you can ever apply to too many dental schools because you don’t know how the application cycle will be. I honestly did not think I would be coming to Penn. My top choices were the three Boston schools (BU, Harvard, Tufts) because I loved Boston and I have a cousin who works as a dentist there. I might have loved the location more than the schools themselves.

Since I am international, I chose to play it safe. After spending a few days deciding where to apply, I ended up with seventeen schools on my list. Four were state schools, which were extreme reaches since these rank in-state residents first and internationals last after other U.S. citizens.

AADSAS makes it extremely easy to send out your applications. Even if there are supplements, I think it is worth it to apply especially since the main application goes out on this convenient centralized system. Once the schools decide they like you enough to invite you for an interview, you can look over your options.


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If you have the money, apply. You can make the difficult choices after you’ve gotten in. In the end, the schools I interviewed at were not the schools I was expecting. Out of the three Boston schools, I got rejected from one, decided not to attend the interview of another, and the last- still haven’t heard back from- no interview or rejection letter (maybe I’m still in the application cycle).

Fortunately my parents share the same “go ahead and apply” mindset. I’d call them to discuss a certain school and come out surer of what I already knew- apply of course. You don’t even want to know how many schools I applied to for undergrad… ;)