Friday, June 1, 2012

One thing I know I'll miss about my gap year

This year was not just about work and dental applications. For one, my evenings were spent in chaos.


This post is about the boys. I lived with the most lovable kiddos I've ever met. Many of you have heard my "let me tell you the latest cute thing So-and-so did" shpeal.

One time after the movies I forgot where I’d parked my car. We ran around the three floors of the parking structure dodging moving cars and yelling “Moose!”. We were hoping Bruce the Moose sitting on my dashboard would magically get up and holler. Thinking about this will always make me smile.

Also: “ouch why you do that” and “who put wara in ma tata"

A year ago I did not know what I was getting myself into. I think my suitemates remember the first night - when I came home in poopy pants (don't let a baby escape after a bath without a diaper). But I've watched more "Ta-yo" (Star Wars) than I ever wanted and was introduced to Beyblades and Moshlings. Kids can be so creative- every time I hang out with them I'm attending an improv workshop.

It will be nice living in a grown-up apartment. Once my date came to pick me up at the house and the parents shut the door in his face because they thought he was a solicitor. But as someone mentioned I loved "living with a family dynamic"- I've learned a lot from this experience. I think I'll miss living with the family- actually I know I will.


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