Thursday, June 21, 2012

River through the heart of Seoul

This Sunday afternoon Appa and I headed out to 청계천 (Chung-gye-chun) a newly renovated creek running through the middle of Seoul.

This creek was completely covered until 2003. Seoul mayor Lee Myung-bak- who is currently the president of Korea- took this on as his personal project when he was in office. The river is an oasis of nature in the middle of downtown. It feels strange to walk along the river while skyscrapers extend infinitely on both sides.


This river runs east-west and is reachable by different subway lines. The river borders many trendy towns including Myung-dong (aka tourist central) and Insa-dong (인사동) with the famous strip of Korean traditional stores (blue pottery, carved wooden pieces, paintings/writings on paper).


Appa and I walked around for a bit and went in for a traditional Korean meal with multiple rounds. After the first round I thought we were done (and was happily full) but the plates kept on coming. Too delicious.



I loved being in rural Gang-neung last year but being in Seoul does have its perks. With the great public transportation system (plus affordable cabs) it is so easy to get around everywhere. So different from Houston or Tampa. Plus with my nook it’s so easy to squeeze in a few pages of reading every time.


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