Monday, June 25, 2012

You only think you're full...

But you really aren't. Keep eating.
First day of vacation, we caught the Dano Festival. Our cab driver told us that this was going on so we changed our destination ASAP. I love street food and street performances.


I've been eating so much food. I keep thinking, I won't get to get these for another year (or maybe only a few months???). Need to add this sensation to my taste encyclopedia. We drove up to the beach at DaechunHwajinpo(thanks dd)  and left the window open to listen to the waves crashing in, and to stalk the brave swimmers from the balcony (water is still icy cold):

Staying at Haslla Art World for the next few undetermined days. I'm writing this with my mom's old laptop. I had to edit these pictures with Paint.

This art museum/hotel/restaurant is located on top of a hill beachside and there is a huge walking path with sculptures and such. It's a little bit cold here today- the breeze feels a little chilly. Currently 64F at 11AM. I definitely didn't pack sweaters for a beach vacation. I see tourists walking up the hill from my window!