Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back in school

Do I look like I belong in the classroom? This weekend we visited a rural elementary school. Since there are no more students in this rural town, the school is officially closed and serves as an art school campsite for kiddos.


I have the intense-focus thing down already. Actually I just have my third eye open for sneaky photographers. Hard at work in my summer work station.


I’m probably writing about our globe-floating session by the ocean yesterday night here. It was cold, raining, and windy (miserable factor 89). It has been freezing here- low 60’s. But the artists persevered and we had the music notes floating on the river before midnight.


Perseverance, teamwork, patience. Lessons from the non-traditional classroom. And speaking of classrooms, throwback to my teenage years with “Juliet” by LMNT.

“Every time I see you pass in my homeroom class, makes my heart beat fast.
I’ve tried to page you twice, but I see you roll your eyes.”

Loving the old school references. So catchy! Rolling on the floor laughing