Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chewing on ice

It is summer which means it is iced coffee time!!! You could cool down with a hot drink but I think iced coffee is the best thing about the summer.

After you down the cup of that sweet jolting caffeinated gift from God, you have ice left over. Teeth clanking down on ice may be satisfying, but do not chew on it. (We already know coffee is bad for your teeth.) Not only might your teeth feel sensitive, you could also chip your teeth on those harmless ice cube babies. This could also cause TMJ problems (“temporomandibular joint”- or simply your jaw). This has been a public service announcement from your favorite dental student.

A recent researcher found that people chewing on ice in coffee do so because they unknowingly have anemia. Or it may be their way of dealing with emotional issues, such as feeling overwhelmed from stress.

What’s your favorite summer drink? Do you put sugar and cream
in your iced coffee? (I just started drinking mine black.)


  1. aww my fav song!! haha. i love iced coffee too. omg you are so good at posting yesle, i wish i were more like you! and please be my dentist in the future (:

    1. Iced anything is good, including iced milk. I would love to give you dental advice and send you home with free toothbrushes Enstin!!!