Thursday, July 5, 2012

Escaping the busy trap

I am coming to peace with the fact that my days aren't filled with tasks anymore. Even though I am "working" here at Haslla I have no obligation to stay. I am making a conscious choice to stay here.

This makes me feel a little better about spending the majority of my day staring at the ocean and doing something (blogging and photographing food) which doesn't feel like work at all.

I had a huge revelation about making conscious decisions last semester and yet I failed to see the connection between this and my summer until yesterday. I wanted to relax this summer. My summer was intended to be relaxing. If I'd wanted my summer to be busy and productive, I could have done so. But I wanted to escape the busy trap at least for a while.

I'm spending my summer at the most beautiful place in the world surrounded by unbelievable artists. For example, Professor Choi Ok Yeung built the statues of Shin Saimdang and Yi I that I visited last summer. And just this evening he was showing me photos of him wearing Kanye sunglasses.

Entrance to the "Jang" restaurant @ Haslla

What I did want was to run and write (though not at the same time). I'm blogging... but really only blogging. Although now that my beautiful friend Alex published her first poem, I am inspired to write more.

I went running on the beach this morning before work! Running really means I was pulling my feet up from sinking into the sand. In the other pictures my front teeth look displaced. I thought about putting those up for laughs, but for the sake of my future profession I'm using this one instead.

Take it easy, everyone! Please laugh a bit more and drink good coffee.


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