Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to enjoy good coffee (worth dentist trips)

Here’s another post in my summer coffee series. I should probably keep my tolerance down in preparation for dental school.

I could say coffee is bad for you- quit it- but I’m learning to enjoy coffee and its brain-enhancing abilities (including the sweet aroma when roasting). Plus the cute little mugs make coffee taste so much better. At Haslla Art World artists participating in a residency program are invited to paint pottery pieces. One-of-a-kind and priceless.


In other news, I got new glasses. Glasses are so much easier on my eyes when I’m staring at computer screens for hours. In the States I usually wait a week to have my high index lenses made. But here in Korea I waited ten minutes after my eye exam and my glasses were made and ready. I was in and out with my new glasses within 45 minutes- magic. I am so impressed.

I went clothes shopping earlier in the day and bought these pants. I didn’t have my glasses on so my vision (and judgment) might have been a bit hazy. But so so so comfortable and these make me laugh.


Coffee. Glasses. Comfy pants. Perfect components of a study power hour. Penn School of Dental Medicine emailed out our upcoming semester exam schedule. Our first exam is on September 14th and we have an exam every week after that- sometimes two.

Good thing I’m going to dental school... There just might be enough toothpaste and whitening kits to offset all the caffeine damage to my teeth.

 Sad smile