Monday, July 30, 2012

July thank-you’s

I decided to incorporate a little more gratitude in my life by doing this series I’d like to call “monthly gratitude's”. For this month, I have a couple.

1. Staying at Haslla. Means delicious food (without having to prepare them or do the dishes afterwards), daily coffee tastings, granitas made to order. Also wearing: earrings from the Haslla art shop & shirt from Haslla’s 2010 International Residency Artists program.


2. Working in the services industry- kind of. I’ve heard that you should work as a waitress once in your life. Here in the museum, I’m learning similar lessons without the stains on my shirt. Dealing with people, staying patient, setting task priorities. This is for the “I Spy” post I wrote for the Haslla blog.

3. Learning to appreciate readily available food. I wasn’t starving (see #1). But living in rural Gangneung with the closest grocery store 30 minutes away, I suffered because of my spoiled city food habits.

Now I’m back in Seoul and have two weeks until my flight to Houston. Two days of packing/flying/moving in and settling into Philadelphia, and three weeks until first day of dental school orientation! Can you believe how quickly the time’s passed?


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