Friday, July 27, 2012

Just walk on through

After I wrote about fear of failure, expectations, and disappointment I noticed something pretty interesting. In order to come into the restaurant from the art museum, you need to walk over the glass tiles. Today a little girl was yelling “scary scary scary” at the top of her lungs and refusing to walk over.


It is not just little kids either. I’ve seen several grown-ups close their eye and hold their arms out for balance while crossing this transparent glass floor.


It is not scary- I know- but maybe I don’t think it’s scary because I never stopped to think about it. I looked straight on and walked on through. This may be a useful strategy as it applies to fear in general. Don’t acknowledge it, keep your eyes on your goal and just walk on through.

A television crew came to Haslla to our Ocean Café and filmed a 30-minute scene with my acrylics painting hanging in the background. I didn’t want to put my painting up on this blog and now it debuts on national television. Ohm.