Saturday, July 21, 2012

Less than 32: missing teeth

My teeth problems just keep growing. I went to the dental hospital at Gangneung-Wonju National University last week (dental school tours!!!) and found out this: I’m missing my second set of molars.

I only have 28 teeth so I figured I just didn’t have my set of wisdom teeth. I only had one set of molars until this year when another set of molars erupted. I said yay, let’s not get any wisdom teeth now. Turns out, I have my wisdom teeth, just not my regular second molars. Neither does my brother. What the what? (Picture)


About 20% of the population never gets a full set of wisdom teeth. Hypodontia refers to when a patient is missing up to six teeth (me). Oligodontia is when the patient is missing more than six teeth. Many times missing teeth is accompanied by other congenital conditions such as cleft palate and Down Syndrome. A family from Houston (I miss you Houston.) whose members were missing their first and second molars helped identify PAX9 as one of the genes responsible for this mutation.


I should be fine as long as I don’t have weird pain that could indicate my second molars are developing. Until then, I get to be a little bit wiser without the jaw crowding.


  1. i have 28 teeth ...
    what should i do to get my full