Monday, July 30, 2012

Multitasking failures

I figured out why I’m completely wiped out at the end of the day at Haslla. It’s because I spend so much of my time multitasking.

The term “multitasking” comes from a computer term referring to a single processor’s ability to run multiple programs. Computers don’t really multitask- they actually switch back and forth between programs. Similarly, what seems like human multitasking isn’t. Instead the brain is serially working on different tasks by switching back and forth. 

Art piece by Ffurious

Here I throw you a bunch of findings on multitasking.

And it’s hard not to multitask because we open multiple tabs on Internet windows, keep conversations up on Skype and Google chat, while listening to the radio and finishing our lunch.

Here with so many things to do, I need to figure out what project to focus on. Meanwhile I need to screen out the constant camera clicks (default background music at Haslla), lead guests who may be lost, and be ready for impromptu errands.

It’s this constant switch from “focus mode” to “interactive mode” that’s wearing me out. Maybe this is why people work so much better in closed-off offices (or reading rooms in the library), since there is that initial knock on the door to warn you of impending human interaction before you break out of your intense working zone.


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