Monday, July 9, 2012

A must-have for traveling: pig nose voltage converter

I’m back oceanside with my laptop. I had left it at home since my laptop uses 110V while Korean plugs are 220V. We had been using a box transformer at home but I figured- worst case scenario- someone else must have an HP laptop. I asked mom to “find me a pig nose” then hopped on the bus.

2012-07-09 19.41.00

On the bus I finished up writing emails. I’m already so much more productive when you’re around, LT.

These things are actually called “adapter plugs”. Only my dad calls them “pig noses”. Mom had no idea what I was talking about at first.

2012-07-09 22.15.57

By the time I came back a pig nose was waiting for me. One of the artists found one and we checked that my laptop can handle 220V (110~240V actually). Then voila- so easy.

A travel-must, especially if you are super-dependent on technology. Thankfully my phone plugs into any Galaxy chargers but for the rest- camera, laptop, automatic tangerine peeler and portable mint-scented humidifier- this little pig nose converter is a lifesaver.


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