Monday, July 23, 2012

Rothman is 4 months away

Holy schmoles. My 8k race in Philadelphia is four months away. And can I even run 8 kilometers without stopping right now? If I can’t keep up with running on vacation, how will I find time to run in dental school?

countdown8kCountdown source

One of the Residency Artists here exercises every morning. Tomorrow he is running to Jeong Dong Jin and back, which is a little less than 5 miles, which equals 8 kilometers!!! I signed up to come along and couldn’t be more excited.

7AM sharp, meeting downstairs by the grandfather clock. Sunscreen on, hat on, running game on. Never been this excited to go running. I might fall face down on the hot pavement (85F plus the road borders the ocean on the east) but I’ll wiped out-happy.


  1. lol don't worry i can barely make it around the outer loop right now and my 13.1 km is in 5 months! haha, keep me updated on your running!

    1. 13.1 MILES girlfriend! I can't believe you are doing it- my hero! I might do ten miles next May- we'll see if Philly weather is run-able.

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