Monday, July 9, 2012

Running from responsibility

I’m in Seoul for the weekend. Saturday morning I woke up, looked at my daily routine (or lack of), and had a moment of panic. I had a few tasks I still needed to complete for the museum blog but for my own sanity I had to take a break from it all. I dropped by the museum, called a cab to the bus terminal, and was home in my own room by evening.

This quote from my yoga video this morning. I feel a little better about my impulsive exit.
“Take care of yourself so that you can take better care of others.”

So I’m here. A much happier place. I spent yesterday identifying what I can and cannot fix about my routine here in Korea.
My biggest frustration is that I haven’t been running. Last Friday- just two days after I got the okay from the doctor- I twisted my ankle walking down the stairs. Since the museum is secluded and the roads around it are winding without sidewalks, there really isn’t a place for me to run safely.

I am more frustrated since running is my way of releasing stress. I’m also afraid of how out of shape I might be now after a month’s hiatus.

The truth is that I could incorporate running into my daily routine if I really put in the effort. I could wake up very early in the morning before the cars start coming around or take a bus into a gym in the city. Might be a useful skill to prune in preparation for dental school: waking up early, being flexible.

I think I’ll get myself back to Gangneung this evening and revamp my schedule. All my tasks are waiting for me tomorrow. The day after vacation is the scariest part of leaving and since this was an unplanned vacation, tomorrow might be especially stressful.


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