Sunday, July 22, 2012

Should I attend this dental interview?

I wrote about how to have a productive and stress-free dental school interview but didn’t ask the essential question: should I go to this interview?

Yes, yes, yes. And not just because you can look like this (Picture):


When you are a soon-to-be-broke dental student, a few hundred dollars seems too much to spare. That’s my entire monthly groceries budget! I can buy a new outfit with this money. And this trip- with this school- might be harder to decide on because I already interviewed at/ got into a dental school I like better.

After I got into dental schools on December 1st I didn’t know if I wanted to keep on interviewing. I liked my options and my research job was getting pretty busy. Over lunch I consulted a post-doc friend about whether I should go to a particular dental school interview. “I don’t know if I’m just wasting money by going to this school when I already got into a school I love.” She asked me how I knew that I didn’t like this second dental school more. “Well, I read some brochures, I talked to some people from both schools, and I’m happy with my current d-school options.” She reminded me that none of this knowledge had come from myself.

“Right, but maybe I’m worried I’ll like this dental school more and then I’d have a tough choice on my hands…”

She asked me to repeat what I said.

I went back to my office and called in to schedule my interview at the second dental school. You have nothing to lose from going to the interview. You spend some money but make it a fun trip you look forward to. My friend advised me to look at it like this: You’ll have gone on a fun vacation and oh, also made it to a dental school interview one morning.

So go. (And when you go, expect- and be ready to answer- this tricky question.) At the very least you won’t wonder if you would have liked this other school better. And in the case that you still like your first option, you will have made a well-informed decision with firsthand information. Plus, you got to travel and write it off as dental school application expenses.


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