Monday, August 20, 2012

Almost official: white coat ceremony tonight!

I decided to wear an old J.crew dress to my white coat ceremony. There is a funny memory associated with it so I hesitated wearing this, but it’s comfortable, long-sleeved, and appropriate for the occasion.

Today was our first morning at orientation and we have the afternoon off. I’ve been meeting so many different people these last few days. But I’m still not sure if I’ve met everyone yet! Mark’s tip for memorizing names works. I’ve been using it a little bit differently- if someone reminds me of another friend (which has been happening a lot), I link the two names together. For example, one of the Crew Heads has the name of a character on The Office. He also reminds me of an old co-worker who has another character’s name on the show. Plus we thankfully have name tags.


Also never have I ever been asked if I have a British accent. I’ve been asked about my accent a few times and no, it’s not quite Californian- not really Korean. So friends who’ve heard me speak: do I???

Our White Coat Ceremony is tonight. A few more hours before it finally happens.


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