Monday, August 13, 2012

An end and a beginning. (An-nyong!)

Can everyone say hello’s in Korean now? Big hello’s and good-bye’s all around. I’m currently sitting in the Atlanta airport half-awake and very tired. I was wheelchair-ed through security and customs: no lines! Is this what it’s like to fly private?

The fourteen hour flight across the Pacific Ocean was good. I finally watched The Artist which was just lovely. It has all the charm of old movies: light, enjoyable and fun.

We spent our last weekend at our grandma’s house in Daegu. I put this photo on Facebook which… really has no context. The flowers are so fragrant and beautiful this time of year. I was standing for pictures when Mark decided to eat some.


And so it begins.

I found my undergraduate General Announcements booklet. I remember looking through this and getting excited about all the courses offered at Rice. Then school started and I had Fondren moments where I felt like I would never graduate- but I did!

2012-08-08 08.38.55

Lo sent me an email that I’ve been reading over and over again this past week in preparation for dental school (Laurs you can stalk me anytime!). She reminded me that dental school is not a competition. This- this entire grades and life and accomplishments thing- is not a competition. And I am remembering this line from 아프니까 청춘이다 (Rough translation: “It’s painful being young”)- the most treasured flower isn’t the one that blooms the earliest. I shouldn’t get caught up in trying to be #1. Just do my thing and keep my eyes on the prize- my prize. I’ll get there.


I must be really tired because I keep writing sentences that don’t make any sense. I need to finish this draft and limp my way towards some caffeine. It took me almost 40 minutes to write this. I am pretty stressed about moving into my apartment but I already have Philly friends who are going to help me out (thank you so much D!). I think this will be easier than packing. At least I made it here. Let’s take it one day at a time.