Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cold and delicious in Philadelphia

I used to drive around Houston with my favorite buddy frozen yogurt on the passenger seat. At 30 cents an ounce, Houston’s Yogurtland on Shepherd is frozen yogurt heaven- plus they have really cute spoons. So one of the first things I looked up for Philadelphia was frozen yogurt, ice cream and gelato shops.


I didn’t need to look far, for we have Capogiro. Capogiro has been named #1 place to get ice cream in the world by National Geographic. They have multiple locations in Philadelphia and one happens to be two minutes from my apartment. Perfect for dental school studying emergencies: “I NEED GELATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

2012-08-18 17.37.36

I got the peanut butter and chocolate mix- so rich and delicious. The kiwi one tastes just like kiwi, including the little black seeds. I have a feeling we are going to be frequenting this place… (also read this hilarious Hemingway-esque account of someone’s Capogiro visit on their blog: “Hank said he was a lousy hipster but Alice thought he was kinda good looking so I didn't say much either way.”)

Where’s your favorite frozen yogurt/ice cream/gelato place?
Speaking of these, what is your favorite cold treat?

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