Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding the right apartment

I am sort of settled in- I haven’t made any progress from the last time I wrote. I definitely lucked out moving into an apartment I’d never seen before and rooming with a stranger off of facebook. I’ve lived here about two weeks and love it so far. The street leading up to my apartment has red brick roads which makes the walk home so much better.

With that said, I’m realizing that there are a couple more things you should look at when moving into your new place. I did not care to check these, but I know what to look for next time I’m searching for a new apartment.

2012-08-16 08.38.41

1. Where is the closest bus stop?
If you don’t have a car and decide to take your newly bought microwave on the bus, even two blocks may feel too far. Same for groceries and miscellaneous shopping errands.

2. How safe is the daily commute from school/work/bus station?
A couple of my friends live further west from my apartment. When they are dropping me off, they go back east and take a street that’s a block south. West Philadelphia is very different block to block. Although your apartment may be in a good neighborhood, the walk you take back and forth dental school may be dangerous. True story: One of our classmates had a break-in attempt his first night in Philadelphia. He became known as “the guy who lives on 47th”.

3. Who lives around the apartment?
Our neighbors are mostly graduate students, but some of our classmates live in buildings with tons of undergraduates. (I say “undergraduates” like I was never one myself.) They are just coming back to campus which means… shots! shots! shots! There have been a ton of parties which inevitably spill into the hallway. Other things spill onto the hallway too.

4. Where is the nearest police station?
Or if it’s not a police station, a building that has security guards. A parking lot guarded by security is nice too. This way, you know that there is someone who patrols your area regularly and you feel safer seeing someone in a uniform.

5. Where is your mailbox? Where is your trashcan?
To get into my apartment I need to go through three doors with different keys. Our mailboxes are located just past the first door which means I don’t have to worry about packages being left on the street and being stolen. In addition, our trashcans are locked inside and taken out on trash collection day. If you are paranoid about identity theft, you know this takes one worry off your mind.

…And maybe figure out where the nearest frozen yogurt place is:


All the undergraduates are moving in this week! I see parents and students lugging mirrors and chairs across campus every day now.

My apartment has all sorts of amenities I didn’t think I needed: granite countertop, washer/dryer in unit, two bathrooms and ceiling fans. I’ve grown to appreciate them so much! Plus my roommate is an awesome cook. This means I can forget about the raccoon I saw last week?- it made a hissing noise…

What’s the best thing about your apartment?
What is most important to you when you are shopping for a new apartment?


  1. The best thing about my apartment is that it's at the central hub of my life, geographically. It's within walking distance to work, church, a bus stop and is relatively close to my parent's place. All of this is coincidence, by the way. If it were up to me, I'd leave town all together (which I plan on doing in the future actually. Haha)

    1. I know you're moving *soon*! I know you can walk to work which is pretty awesome- especially since you work in a fun part of town! Oh I miss the 813. Ybor!!!