Friday, August 10, 2012

Finding the right white coat ceremony dress

I think I had a dress picked out for our white coat ceremony, but I don’t know if I set it aside while packing. (Penn hosts theirs on first day of orientation- others do it in the second semester or even after a few years.) I have one black dress with a lacy back that I wear for everything but I’ve worn it maybe too many times. Plus, now I have a new criterion: must look good with crutches.

wccDresses from here, here and here, white coat from here

I looked through my dresses in Korea to pick out these three final contenders. These aren’t the exact dresses but similar styles I found online.

I want something preferably not black (or white) but I don’t want it to be too flashy or too uncomfortable. When I went to Baylor College of Medicine’s ceremony last year, someone wore a fantastic tight red cocktail dress. It was gorgeous but maybe a bit over the top.

I’m leaning toward the blue polka dot one (not just because it matches my blog background!). Mine has a longer tea-length skirt and a ribbon around the waist. Since I can’t wear heels, I want something that would look cute with flats.

This is my last weekend in Korea! I’m flying out Monday morning and spending two nights in Houston. Then moving-Philadelphia-new apartment-shopping-summer-settling in-errands and… dental school. The next few days are going to be crazy.

What are you wearing to your white coat ceremony?
Do you have a go-to outfit for similar occasions?