Friday, August 3, 2012

I love power hours.

Not the kind you are thinking. But what I like to call the Productivity Power Hour.

I hate multitasking. And I can’t do it. Instead I choose one task I need to complete, close all other windows, set a timer for twenty minutes and go-go-go. This online timer is great if you are worried about losing track of time while engrossed in your project.


An old friend taught me to be “slow and steady”. We worked on our Math Analytics problem sets together and he would fall into this mental haze poring over the problem sets. He would also say things like “I need to go write this email” which I did not understand until I saw his way of doing things: one at a time, fully engrossed in only that one particular task. He also made time to listen to music. Like just listen to U2. That was such a novel concept to me at the time.

Through working with him I learned that I work much better when I focus on one task. My study habits changed fundamentally that semester. Doing five things at once feels hardcore (“I’m writing this email while watching Gossip Girl, while working on this problem set, while rocking out to Taylor Swift”) but try doing a “Biology Power Hour” or a “Presentation Power Hour”. Set off a block of time to do one thing and one thing only. See how you do.

And I love the feeling after a fabulous power hour, emerging from that Intense Focus mode and everything around you slowly coming into consciousness. Items on your to-do list are crossed off, the entire chapter read and understood, and you realize what felt like five minutes was actually an hour. What a great Power Hour.

Do you have similar “Power Hours”? Do these happen with or without music for you? (For me, sometimes I need to blast some upbeat rock music.
At Haslla I’ve been known to start singing without realizing it…)

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