Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Old friends are gold

Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

I’m sitting in Naz’s kitchen eating Pakistani rice and yogurt this morning. It was wonderful taking a hot shower, sleeping in a comfy warm bed with the a/c on, eating fresh fruits and feeling the Houston sun… I’m in bliss.


Not quite there yet but getting there.

The two short days I’m passing through Houston, I met up with many of my Houston friends. Many of them are starting school, having crazy times at work, busy with applications and all that jazz but these wonderful people made time to see me. Thank you for giving me advice on my dental school life and making me feel tons better about this huge change.

I’ll miss Houston tremendously- and that’s a good thing. I am happy that I formed these bonds that will make me miss Houston and think lovely things about this Texas city. New friends are great but old friends are priceless. Sharing memories you reminisce over together while filling in each other’s missing parts is wonderful.

When I was in Korea, I met up with my middle school friends- I hadn’t seen many of them since middle school, but everything just fell together. We spent hours catching up, laughing at silly memories (from 2004!), and flipping through our graduation album. Since I moved to Tampa, I didn’t see my middle school graduation album until this summer! By now I can look back and laugh at what babies we were. This is me in our school uniform.


I may be out of it culturally (“I feel a men-boong coming on") but I appreciate how unique and endearing Korea is more because I’m away. Same with old friends. It’s great living together and sharing everyday laughs, but that absence makes you remember how much you love having someone in your life.

Call me, Skype me, email me, facebook me! Geographical distance means nothing in our world- no more sad quilt squares loaded onto band wagons. I promise I’ll do the same.