Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our crazy first year exam schedule

Penn SDM sent out our entire first year’s exam schedule a few weeks ago. I went through my go-to organization guru the almighty Google Calendar and put in my first year exam schedule.


I might not know what I’m doing for New Years (Hi AQ and Lo- Times Square?), what I’m doing for spring break or where I’ll be spending my next birthday but I do know this: I’ll be in Room B60 from 8 to 8:45AM on May 20th taking my Restorative Dentistry Lab Exam… and so on.

Few weeks ago I went to a University of Pennsylvania dental students meeting in Seoul. I picked up some great advice from second year’s including:

  • Sleep and party during Orientation Week.
    Penn has an entire week dedicated to helping us get settled in- just like Rice. But maybe without all the crazy ridiculous fun like shaving cream fights and mock beer bikes (and dis-o???). 
  • Relax this summer (done and done). Eat good food (done).
  • Dental school will be incredibly hard, but somehow you’ll make it through.

Am I scared that there’s an exam every week in dental school and that there will be thirty five classes we’ll be taking, weaving in and out of each other’s topics and me, running around Philadelphia with a heavy backpack and sitting on my desk panicking just looking at the exam schedule? Yes- terrified- but I somehow know that I can do it, so bring it on.