Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shoebox to shoebox: finally in Philly!

My apartment is just about the cutest thing ever. It is a row house- it’s just that our unit isn’t one entire row house. Umma called it rundown: I call it lived in and loved. I love the hardwood floors. I love that I step outside the front door and I’m on one of the main roads of Philadelphia (they are all named after trees), the long narrow hallway, the oven. I’m still in the process of unpacking and setting up my apartment, but I’m having a lot of fun furnishing this little apartment.

2012-08-15 19.15.20

I am still waking up really early- I think it’s a combination of jet lag and anxiety. This morning I ended up heading out early for errands of the day. I walked around the Penn campus, checked out the gym (great but Rice and its resort outdoor pool spoiled me), and snapped a ton of pictures.

2012-08-16 08.22.06

But Pottruck has an indoor climbing wall and a juice bar. That’s pretty cool.

2012-08-16 08.51.03

And last but not least, the building where I’ll be spending the majority of my next four years. It is so sunny and beautiful here today but still cool enough to sip on hot coffee.

2012-08-16 08.25.03

I’m loving this walking around thing. It’ll get a lot easier once my cast comes off and I can’t wait to explore the city. And yes, I am still pretty nervous about school and classes but I’m so enamored with the city and Penn! I keep looking around thinking: do I really get to live here for the next four years? Plus, Alex is going through her first week so it’s like we’re in this together, guiding and encouraging each other.


  1. your place looks cute!! i'm glad your boxes all arrived in one piece. text me your address so i can mail you! (:

    1. Thank you! Only one thing broke- my ceramic butter spreader. Did you not get my postcard from Korea? But I'll text you right now!