Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time on public transportation

Mark and I sat out at Caffe Bene again for a cold escape. It’s still a little miserable here but it’s finally cooling down. The worst is over.

I’ve been running some last minute errands around Seoul. I’m not taking cabs anymore since I feel more comfortable with public transportation (and have this awesome app- it’s similar to hopstop). And I need to get used to life without a car. Thankfully the Seoul buses and subways are air-conditioned to a perfectly cool, dry, crisp air-conditioning perfection.

This is the bad thing about public transportation: there is a lot of waiting time. There are apps to track when your bus will be arriving, but since I take five minutes to walk a block (worse if the streets are sloped) I like to be on the safer side and come out early.

2012-08-08 09.17.27

But the best part of taking buses is the waiting time, both waiting for the bus and waiting for your destination. I’ve been able to squeeze in a few pages each ride and it’s great. Running around for a week = halfway through The Beautiful and Damned (I’ve wanted to read it since the Gossip Girl reference).

2012-08-08 10.46.29You look familiar! Home sweet home.

In Seoul and its suburbs it’s perfectly fine to live without a car- so different from Houston. I forget how wonderful it is to have someone else taking you places. It’s great to stare out the window or people-watch too.

What do you like to do on buses and trains?