Monday, August 6, 2012

Working in air conditioning

Little brother and I escaped to the neighborhood coffee shop to work. Our apartment was heating up to 33 degrees without air conditioning! That is ninety degrees for you Americans.

2012-08-05 16.47.15

So we went out for some cool caffeinated (air-conditioned) relief at Caffe Bene (a Korean chain coffee store which just opened in NYC). We:

… discussed The Dark Knight Rises which we saw with Appa this weekend. We sat on the second row with a huge box of popcorn. We agreed the second one was better.


… planned out our upcoming academic semester over iced lattes and Americanos.

…. listened to music, read, watched Youtube clips, made Korea bucket lists and made back-to-school shopping lists.

2012-08-06 13.39.13

It is a fact that you focus better 26 degrees than in 33 degrees, extra points for caffeine. It is difficult to start a Power Hour at a happy public place like this, but I got a lot done here.

There might be another side effect to global warming: increase in crimes. The heat hypothesis says people get increasingly aggressive in response to the rising temperatures. Riots happen more frequently in hotter weathers.

We realized this after we were already out: Mark and I wore matching red polo shirts and blue shorts. How did he know matching is one of my favorite things to do on an outing? ;)

What is your ideal studying temperature?
Where are you having your summer pow-wow’s?

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