Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Add in a coffee budget

I love coffee. As a dentist-to-be I should probably reduce my coffee intake so I have beautiful perfect teeth. But to get through dental school (and be a dentist) I need caffeine…. Catch-22 right here.

2012-09-17 19.28.40

I watched this trailer for Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee Book & I’m nostalgic for the coffee-obsessed culture at Haslla Art World. We would spend all morning tasting coffee- hand-drip the coffee, pour it into little mugs and go around discussing the cup.

In the beginning I laughed because I couldn’t taste anything different- are these people for real? But by the end of the summer, I grew to appreciate the intricate and subtle components of coffee. Umma and I even checked out coffee shops in Gangneung and tried to guess what coffee beans they were using.

I’ve been brewing my own coffee at home but it’s such a treat to buy coffee from a  wonderful-smelling coffee shop. And this is the problem: I’ve been buying coffee every. single. day. To the point where I spend more money on coffee than food.

A hot cup of coffee is the best on cold Philadelphia days like today. Cold, freezing, paralyzing 60’s. I bundled up. This yellow scarf is colored with traditional Korean dye made with onions. (Thank you Umma-bear!) Other people were sporting T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Quote of the day comes from a classmate who announced: “My body is hot… um, I mean warm?” But it’s sort of true…


4-6-6 suiteys- I have my owl up on my wall. Yesterday I also met up with a fellow Rice Owl Helen who is leaving for her Peace Corp service this week. It may be cold in Philadelphia but not where my heart is. Now, if I can just make it out to Houston for Rice’s Centennial Celebration