Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August thank-you’s

This is the second post in my gratitude series! I should be reviewing embryology right now but let me take a happy minute to think/thank it out.

1. Surviving the move-in process. I’m moved into my apartment with my beautiful hardwood floors. My apartment is so close to the dental school that our one-hour lunch break is enough for me to run home, make food, take a nap/watch Covert Affairs, and run back to school.

2012-08-27 18.52.40

2. Friends along the way. Between dancing to “Call Me Maybe” and laughing over a ridiculous embryology analogy (train from Philadelphia to Chicago?) I feel a little better about spending four years as a student again. Because I have my friends. And that’s a really good feeling, knowing that you’re not alone. And there’s some amazing driven people at our dental school- become friends with me?

3. Some difficult lessons learned…  Take every advice with a grain of salt. Make your own judgments. Take ownership in your decisions and feelings- then hold yourself responsible for them.

2012-08-30 14.54.17

4. My ankle healing well under way. This week I biked along the Schuylkill and went aqua-jogging at the Sheerr Pool! A little bit more physical therapy and I just might be able to prep for that 8k

5. And the long weekend. Thank God we had the Day weekend to look forward to. I worked on some of my 25 before 25’s, went to Trader Joe’s for groceries (I think this will be my Saturday routine), and just melted in relaxation. I also went to that McDonald’s I’ve been eyeing and got midnight fries while talking about viruses and vaccines.

Was it really my first day of dental school just a week ago? I snapped this picture before heading out on my first day to send to my fam- I’m smiling but I was an anxious ball inside.


Classes start for Penn undergraduates this week. I’m expecting to see the campus a lot fuller when we go back to dental school classes Wednesday.