Monday, September 10, 2012

Chillier (harder better faster) in dental school

Here’s my Harry Potter library look according to a really kind friend. I obviously don’t know where the webcam is.

Snapshot 6 (9-9-2012 10-05 PM)_thumb

It is getting chillier in Philadelphia, just in time for our dental school schedule to pick up. Yesterday I had to dig out my winter sweaters and scarves. The evening dipped into chilly 50’s as I headed out to the dental library. But the cold means it’s almost pumpkin spice latte and peppermint latte time.

This post is short and sweet so I can get back to memorizing how the primordial atrium divides into two, but check out this cartoon from A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor.

2012-09-09 21.44.12

I had to laugh at the “everyone asking you medical questions” part. I’m already getting dentist questions: what toothpaste should I use? Is it okay my jaw hurts when I yawn? (Answer: one with fluoride you like the smell of and no, you might have TMD)

I’m going to grab a large coffee before going back to reading.

What’s your favorite cold weather drink?