Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dental school Week 4 in pictures

More pictures!!! seems to be the consensus. This week officially concludes summer 2012. It is officially fall.

Here is my Week 4 of dental school in pictures which… is a bit misleading. I didn’t just eat and hang around all day (Appa-bear your $$$ isn’t going to waste!). I just don’t take a lot of pictures when I’m studying. Maybe I should.

Make your own Philadelphia cheese steaks at Gradfest 2012. We got to meet graduate students from other professional schools and eat. And eat.


Crashing the undergraduates’ Skimmer Fest. I can’t resist Philadelphia pretzels or Rita’s ice especially when they are free. (Whose sunglasses am I wearing? <3)

2012-09-22 13.39.32

Photographic evidence that I go to dental school and dental classes. Another Monday, another coffee marathon. Starting the day off right. (Side note: I used to wear this jacket in middle school! I grew two inches between 8th grade and now.)


Small patch of sunshine through the window. It may be getting colder in Philadelphia but that just makes the occasional sun so much better. It’s lovely to lie on the bed and catch a little sun while reading.


I’ve decided: I love the heat and the humidity. It’s so warm (ha) and embracing. My go-to happy memory (when I am getting three shots or feeling sad) is me and my three best friends, lying out on the beach in Cozumel, staring up at the blue sky and the ocean. Completely relaxed without thoughts of school/deadlines/applications.


I dug this picture up from facebook. Oh, and I was tan too. Yesterday a friend looked at me and said, “Yesle, you’re getting really pale.” Emergency SUN!!!