Saturday, September 8, 2012

First day in clinic: sick in scrubs

It’s finally the weekend! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week. Then Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose: officially sick. I coughed and sneezed through our Infection Control lecture. At least I practiced safe sneezing protocols?

Today was our first day of clinic. We are treating each other instead of real dental patients but I was still pretty excited. We went into the main clinic of our dental school and took each other’s health questionnaires. On the side, I saw third and fourth years treating dental patients. That’s going to be us in two years: consulting patients, talking to them about their health conditions, and actually doing dental work for them!

This time I borrowed scrubs from a friend- they are so comfy! It’s like wearing pajamas to school.The only choice you have to make is: what color will I wear today? I hear you get sick of these pretty fast once you’re required to wear them for dental clinic, but for now, I love how professional I feel in them. We’re not allowed to wear visible jewelry, nail polish, or hair down for our clinic sessions, so getting ready takes five minutes- though not by choice.


After some evening errands, I decided to definitely stay in this Friday night. I was looking forward to getting into my own bed all day. I had all the components of a wild Friday night: hot tea, good reads, and a cold.

Laurs and I used to laugh about this: “I’m mostly looking forward to napping after my exam!” But I am! After our embryology exam next Friday, I’m going to curl up in my own comfy bed and sleep for a long time.

Lastly… guess what’s in this box?

2012-09-06 23.14.46 (2)

Hint: think Hamlet.

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