Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gangnam Style flash mob at Penn

I was sporting professional scrubs on a Sunday.

2012-09-23 14.13.32

Why? Because of this…

If you are facebook friends with me, my friend put up this video with a closer shot of me on facebook. I’m in scrubs on the right side of the screen. These K-beats ladies are so good! If I could dance like that… I would dance 24/7.

Okay, biochemistry exam tomorrow. Back to studying. This flash mob was my study break of the day. There was so much energy and enthusiasm from the dancers and the crowd (come on, everyone knows this dance). So much fun to actually do the dance. I actually watched an interview of Psy when I was in Korea this summerMark and I tried to perfect the horse-galloping dance together. Who knew it would become the hit of summer 2012?

I think this counts as a “#23 the crazy idea” on my bucket list.

How much do you love the Gangnam Style dance?