Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy 6 months blogging!

I love food and I especially love fresh produce. And today I tried something that blew my mind: fresh figs. This pint is now gone. Demolished. Absorbed-distributed-metabolized-eliminated.
This does relate to my main point about celebrating this blog’s 6-month milestone. I love Fig Newtons, I love TJ fig bars, I’d gobble up fig-flavored gum if they existed. Then today I finally try a real fig and it’s better than anything I’ve imagined. It is sweeter, crunchier, softer… the little stalk at the top is just too funny. It makes the fig look like a miniature purple onion.
I started this blog as I was preparing for this new chapter of my life. I had a vague idea what dental school was going to be like (and my blog narrating that dental school life) would be like, but to actually live it… is totally different. Does this make sense? It’s late and I just watched a lecture recording which put me in a weird déjà vu/Truman Show-esque mood…
My main point is to express gratitude for support and love you guys have given me throughout this blog’s young existence. Giving me tips throughout the application process (much of which I’ve written about here), celebrating with me as necessary, checking up on me when my posts sound a little too emo, and encouraging me to keep writing on this blog platform. This blog has also been a great way to meet new people (Hi new friends and readers!) which makes me incredibly happy- we’re all in this together.
Tiffany agrees that life is a marathon and not a sprint. She adds that my friends (including herself) are right behind me- with the water bottles.
Happy six months! xoxo