Friday, September 28, 2012

Paintings by Hakki Engin Giderer: framed & up

Anatomy quiz= DONE. I did much better on the actual quiz than the mock one the night before. I didn’t beat myself up for the few that I missed because I was well-rested instead.

2012-09-27 07.40.01

This evening I went to another seminar on community health and policy (I’m still processing some information- I’ll be sure to write about it soon). I dropped by the art store on my way home. I got the customizable frames that need assembling. A little fastening of the screws and voila:

2012-09-27 20.46.37

These paintings are by Dr. Hakki Engin Giderer of Çankiri Karatekin University. He participated in the summer residency program at Haslla Art World. I had many fascinating discussions with him about the different cultures of Korea and Turkey, specifically about mental issues – Hakki’s trained as a psychologist- and difference in education/parenting.

I also watched him paint his whimsical paintings in the workshops behind the gallery. He worked on paintings with different tribal motifs and teapots. “Why teapots? I don’t know.” He said when I first asked him.

2012-09-27 20.54.25

When I first got these I couldn’t possibly accept. But he had painted these for me! These paintings are a wonderful reminder of this past summer. Now they’re up on my walls to make me smile and miss Hakki and his lovely wife Birsen. I think this must be how an apartment becomes a home.


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    1. Hehe thank you- I love this drawing. So whimsical!

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